There's nothing like when I get to spend time going deep with a person, transforming every aspect of their life and their business.


 Numerous individuals, couples, organizations and businesses are stuck in various unproductive stages.  Some are stopped and blocked by limiting beliefs, no execution strategy, impostor syndrome, self-doubt, limited imaginations, past unresolved issues and tons of F.E.A.R


Tier 7 coaching is about helping you to unleash your potential by learning to shift between the energetic (attitudinal)  levels to lead and create a new fulfilling world. 


Have you been at the top of your game? An executive, athlete, business owner, celebrity, professor, supermom, from front-line staff to senior executives, whatever profession or status.


Suddenly or incrementally you're spirally downward not understanding why. You're self-sabotaging your business, relationships, and life without understanding why. You possess this strong sense that new or past imprints are influencing  poor life decision, zapping  your confidence, tampering with who you want to be. YOU are no longer playing your "A" game

Watch the video.  An affluent executive plummeting.  See and feel his transformation as he begins to rise again after some deep imprint coaching with TBone.  He stops buying into the sabotaging belief often accepted in western business leadership culture that It's lonely at the top!  

We'll call him Scott.  Thanks Scott for being so vulnerable and willing to share portions of your journey.