Years of Experience

Life can present some asteroid or paper-cut size past or current traumas in life that hinder and block you from expressing  and living your full potential in life.  I can personally relate to that journey.  Breaking through to reclaim life led me down myriad paths in multidisciplinary learnings.  I experienced sound frequency living w/monks in China at Shaolin temple, formal graduate studies in psychology & counseling, studies in herbal science and medicine at Bastyr, licensing in somatic bodywork trauma, formal study and certification in 5-PATH hypnotherapy, and certification executive coaching from IPEC. 


To the Brink and back


TBone McGowian  MA, MNH, CPC, ELI-MP, ACC, CHt

"I believe one of the reasons  mental health specialists refer clients to my hypnotherapy and coaching practice as an option stems from my multi-faceted integrative approach to working with the three minds, conscious mind (CM), subconscious mind (SCM) and unconscious mind in tandem."

Also I believe my personal experience of  having been on the edge and brink only to recover and reclaim life with phenomenal success provides a perspective many clients can relate to and desire. In other words, this isn't book theory for me, but practical applications I've used for self and others over the years that get results. A giant smile and happy life."


"Your most challenging clients will bring some of the greatest rewards in transformation and
mastery of what you've learned

- Dr. Ward, my neuroscience and psychology professor


My journey afforded me such opportunities to be employed by corporate titans like Microsoft, Amazon.  I enjoyed the software world, training and working with some influential people and leaders. Yet my passion always come back coaching and transformation. My heart explodes and my face beams each time my clients reach another milestone along the way to their destination. I'm just so fortunate to be a collaborative part and resource to help them achieve their dreams, goals and potential as they overcome the blocks, past imprints that hold them back. 


Working toward your destination

The full assessment supplies you insight to see the amount of mental energy expended during periods of stress in your life.  This brief version allows you a very basic overview of where we can start focusing and collaborating together to improve your average resonating level (ARL) . When you join the program you will be experience the full assessment. 

What Are Changes You Want

  • Overcome Fears & Phobias

  • Less Stress & Anxiety

  • Eradicate some Bad Habits

  • Gain Confidence 

  • Control Anger 

  • Men's Issues

  • Release past or current traumas

  • Replace various addictions

  • Nee an executive coach & soundboard 


"Coach T has been a Lifestyle engineer for me. It's been like rebuilding construction project. He's help me take my life from a dilapidated shack to a modern day dream house. Some of my coping mechanism were destructive to myself and family.  Today, no remnants just a wonderful life with my family." 

Confident Woman


Before TBone I felt so yucky being overweight, not liking myself and struggling to lose. His hypnosis and coaching work helped me to undercover some past trauma that I'd been subconscious holding and using to sabotage success. Today, I'm less 35lbs healthier and still losing. It seems so easy now, because my new imprints motivate not just food intake, but my outlook.