Hello Jason

You are about to embark on your next journey in the world of " Bringing Your Future Into the Present" This is a big decision and a substantial investment in time, resources and funds.  I want to give you time to reflect on making the best decision that will best help you reach your desired goals. You have probably noticed that I'm not a high pressure aggressive salesman when it comes to obtaining my clients. There's no need when you're in the flow state


Right now this is about choice, your choice.  I need you to be confident in your selection of me as your coach, which is my reason for providing a preliminary coaching session.  This is about collaboration. This needs to be a good fit  for both of us.  I've already made the commitment to myself to give my 110%, the best.  Mediocrity is a pet peeve of mine. That's why I'm constantly increasing my knowledge base learning at conferences, symposiums, workshops and certifications for the latest research in neuroscience. So, I can offer my clients more options.  We both need this to be a good fit.  

TBone McGowian, MA, MNH, ELI-MP, ACC, CHt


There are many pressures and expectations in how we show up as men in today's world. It can be daunting when we have no grip on who we are, who we want to be, where want to go, and how we are manifesting life. 

It becomes a world of unknowingly self-sabotaging our career, life and relationships.  Gray Matter Coaching, we help you identify and navigate those subconscious traps and eradicate them via powerful deep coaching, hypnosis, tools, insights, play, with strategies that tap into the flow state. 

You can be empowered to measure and assess some of those hidden ingrained limiting thoughts, belief,  preferences, and brules (BS rules) that disempower you. I'm not going to lie or blow smoke up your arse.  Those guys in the video will be the first to tell you it's not easy, but totally worth it. 

Creating a space to be real and raw while carving away the pieces of marble to shape, chisel, discover, and express who you are going to be is challenging.  It's about learning to remove the obstacles so you can more frequently experience THE FLOW STATE. 

Benefits of the Flow State

  • Better emotional regulation: With increased flow, people also experience more growth toward emotional complexity.

  • Greater enjoyment and fulfillment: People in a flow state enjoy what they are doing more. 

  • Improved performance: Researchers have found that flow can enhance performance in a wide variety of areas including teaching, learning, athletics, leadership, entrepreneurial exploits...

  • Learning and skill development: Because the act of achieving flow indicates a substantial mastery of a certain skill, people have to keep seeking new challenges and information in order to maintain this state.

Next Steps

Decide on the Coaching Program

  • If you have decided to move forward then please read the coaching agreement and determine which coaching level you want to select.  Find the link here

Select Your Starting Date Why do you need to select a starting date?

My coaching practice attracts clients who require time flexibility and travel from me. Plus, I conduct and coach several men's trauma group workshops, conferences and private retreats during the year. Therefore, to keep the fatigue at a minimum to coach at my best, I limit my client enrollment per year and space entrance into the program. As a client completes coaching it creates open spaces for new clients. If a previous date is no longer visible, it means that date has been taken by another participant or no longer available.  In selecting your date, please check your calendar, take a personal assessment of what's going on in your life, acknowledge other commitments that might be a strong distractions (like having a baby), to make sure your starting date is optimal.  Select start date and desired financial arrangement here

Sign your coaching agreement

Once you submit your start date selection, you will receive a link to sign your coaching agreement within 24-48 hours via email.  Make sure your inbox filter is set to accept emails from support@tier7coaching.com 


Once the coaching agreement is signed, you will receive your first invoice via email for the payment arrangement you selected. Let's be frank here, I do not chase client down for payments. The automated system sends reminders.  We are adults. If something comes up, that affects your ability to your financial commitment, then simply communicate with me ahead of time. I am working from an honesty and good faith construct. I trust the clients I work with. 

Receive Shipping Package

Within a week after signature  (if you live in the US States or Canada) you will receive a package via snail mail with some essential tools you will need to start our coaching journey.  Please make sure that your email filter accepts email from support@tier7coaching.com  so important emails don't end up in your Trash/Spam folder. I suggest creating an email rule and folder that sends emails directly  to keep organized.

Schedule First Session

You will receive an email requesting you to schedule your first coaching session during the week of your start date.