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KickStarter Pathfinder Leadership Course

Learn fundamental practical leadership development skills to kickstart your career

 and become a leader people want to follow

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Message & Develop Leadership Motto

  • Linear vs Lateral Thinking

  • Draft and Craft You Leadership Motto

  • The Six Daily Leadership Disciplines

  • Personal Leadership Branding

  • Building Growth Mindset

  • Judger vs Learner Mindset

  • Great Leaders Inspire Action

  • Building Out 3-Month Vision

  • Signs Priorities Are Off Track

  • Personal Productivity Tips

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Determine Leadership Style that Fits

  • Core & Adaptive Leadership

  • Know Your Style

  • Leadership Assessment

  • Leader vs Leadership Distinctions 

  • 7 Power Sources of Leadership

  • Questions Effective Leaders Ask

  • Setting Clear Vision

  • Creating Buy-in

  • Confident Decision Making

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Unearth Your Conflict Management Style

  • Basic Seeds of Conflict

  • Perspective of Conflict

  • What's Your Conflict Management Style

  • Conflict Management Assessment

  • Dealing with Difficult People w/o Strangling Them

  • Conflict Tactics

  • Difficultly Level of Resolution

  • De-Escalation

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Access Your Leadership Motivation

  • Motivation: Intrinsic or Extrinsic

  • Motivational Leader Assessment

  • Why Should People Follow You?

  • Ego Power

  • Motivating Others When I Have No Charisma

  • What Motivates Me 

  • The Lie About Motivating Your Team

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Polish Your Interpersonal Skills

  • Assess Your Communication Work style

  • Team Demographics

  • Assess Your Dominant Language Contribution

  • Hard Skills and Soft

  • Negotiation Elements

  • The Negotiation Challenge

  • Do's and Don'ts of Negotiation

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Expanding Your Emotional Intelligence

  • Define Emotional Intelligence (EI)

  • The Whole Person

  • Core Competencies of EI 

  • Basic Skills in Developing EI

  • Micro Expressions

  • Emotional Hijacking & Oatmeal

  • Mood Meters

  • Most Power EI Skills 

  • Darkside of EI

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PinPoint Your Actual Strengths

  • Determining your Real strengths

  • Strength Finders Assessment

  • Anatomy of Strengths

  • SIGNs 

  • Good Doesn't Mean Strength

  • Let Your Strengths Speak

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Navigate Your Communication Roadblocks

  • Internal Communication

  • Above and Below the Line

  • Congruency Inside & Out

  • But Your Body Language Says...

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