Tapping Into Your Expertise

Tier 7 Coaching

October 2, 2020

We live during a time where instant gratification is the normal expectation. Where cranking out or investing 10,000 hours to master your craft or expertise is lost.

Throwing shade

Where people throw shade and smoke in every direction without any ounce of credibility to back up their claims. I remember  several years ago after transitioning from corporate to my own coaching business. I decided to get my coaching certifications. Some mentor coaches in the program where I enrolled were shading me because of my ease in creating breakthroughs for clients. Bro! I may not have the letters, but tons of life experience, tenacity for personal development, and decades of coaching individual and groups.  Those experiences had enskilled me (yes, I just created a new word) with a five-question process that reduced time in getting to the real issues with my clients.

Stick with It

When others are jumping from one job to the next, there is real fortitude in adhesively sticking it out and staying in your lane, if it’s truly is your lane. Exponentially growing your strengths. That’s why they are called strengths.  Michael Jordan spending an entire summer six days a week, shooting at least 500 jump shots in each practice. My all time favorite martial arts legend, Bruce Lee, fighting an uphill battle to be his personal best while also changing the racist views and perception of Chinese people and culture in America and fight his own culture to not teach outsiders.


Now here’s the kicker, you cannot tap into mastery without ubuntu. Ahh...here he goes talking that African ubuntu philosophy again. Think about it how did Bruce, Michael, Tony Robbins reach they’re high levels? Did they do it alone? What type of coach can you become without people to coach? How do you determine which breakthrough techniques work best? You need other people that will give you the opportunity to help them. When you reach your heights the only way you got there was because of being dependent on others. I am because we are. If I could just get more corporate leaders to embrace ubuntu and see how their companies would burst.

Try making a billion dollars without people buying your product. That’s one of the reason discriminations, racism, non-diversity is absolute garbage. There’s even business research that verifies it, but I digress. Tapping into your expertise is simply easier when you can learn from the mistakes of others. It’s crucial to partner or get coached by competent individuals who can help you tap into YOU.  Tapping into your expertise you’ll need a couple of things

1. Vulnerability. Vulnerability and humility must emanate and exude from you and the leader, mentor, coach, or guru who is guiding you. Tap into the people who have got their act together, but will not brag about it as they continually pursue personal development and their craft.

2. Track records. Learn from the track records of your mentors. Those that excel in your areas of interests.  Tap into their experiences. Again, this is where ubuntu reigns. You need variety, or the code word is diversity. Don’t let gender, race, culture, economics, politics keep you from the gold nuggets of mastery they can share in developing your craft.

3. Embrace dualism. Think about the Tao yin yang symbol. They really aren’t opposites, but they express the nature of complementing. Push become pull and pull becomes push. Both unique but the same in causing the other to be complete or whole. You have to be both student and teacher. If you have knowledge, experience to better and enhance others share it. If not then keep your mouth shut and learn.  As Bruce says, “Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is your own.”