What's holding you back?

Only you know if you're where you want to be in life. Whether it be career, finance,  family, happiness.  Why are you allowing obstacles, excuses and challenges, to keep you from creating, enjoying and loving the life you want?

  • I CAN'T mindset

  • Fixed mindset, limiting beliefs

  • Past or current traumatic experiences

  • Bad habits, inner critic

  • Unhealthy boundaries

  • The need to release coping imprints

  • No strategies or tools to create success

  • No support, fear of making change



Remove Barriers

Many of us have gone through tough times.  We all  have the scars to prove it. Sometimes those scars, which we will call "imprints"  hold us back, and keep us from achieving  the things we want in life. Hypnosis  and coaching can help uncover these barriers, and find ways to overcome them and become more resilient

Increase Performance

Coaching and hypnosis can help you to find the clarity and focus. When attempting to balance a career, family, finance, life, running an organization or leading others, sometimes we must tap into a drive that fuels us to accomplish the things we need to get done. 

Access That Confidence

Wouldn't be nice if we all had the charisma of Oprah, the boldness of Bezos, or the elegance of Obama. The reality is that you do have it within you.  The ability to be confident, overcome shyness, hesitancy, confident decision making.  It's all inside awaiting us to collaboratively draw it out.   You can feel more free to show the world how ready you are.


(Video) Two clients candidly share their experience with Coach TBone (Thomas) Their  lives changed forever after releasing past and current complex traumas via the coaching and hypnotherapy work.  They  began to transform and
reclaim their life.