Toxic Characters: The Moralizer

Do you know a toxic person? Even if you don't now, at some point on your tier journey you will come across a person who fits the description. Dealing with such individuals can be difficult and draining. When coaching, I often introduce these character types during our coaching in creating healthy safe relationships. What toxicity to be on the look out for.

This is not a knock against any religious or means of spirituality.Those aspects can be great in helping some individuals in their journey.However, what is not needed or beneficial are the underlying principles that follow the moralizer preachy mentality.He/She has clear principles. The moralizer or preachy character type views everything as black or white, good or bad and there are no shades of gray in between .What kind of parent allows their kids on Facebook? They are often quick to judge. Keep your eyes and ears open for criticism—about you, what you've done, and what you didn’t do. It’s never about them, and they will even lie if it serves them being a BRAT (being right all times).

Often they see themselves as the moral authority and they can be quite adept and eloquent in communicating their shock, disdain or outrage. They often cannot enjoy seeing other people enjoying life and condemn those who do.One of my family members fell into this category."I like to get up early.I don't lay around like the rest of you."What is interesting is often these individuals have faults, secrets or fears of their own that the

y do not want to address.Therefore realize you might be the projection screen on which project their own insecurities.

Where does it come from?As children, often moralizers were made to feel guilty about their desires for pleasure.For example, my father passed on the even while resting or vacationing that you should be doing something productive.Relaxing for the sake of relaxing was not encouraged.I find myself as an adult constantly fighting urges to always engage in something considered productive, even when taking a vacation or relaxing.The moralizer may have been punished whenever they tried to express their impulses.Now these result in self loathing, jealousy of others who are enjoying themselves.

They often see people as good or evil with nothing in between.In a sense they are battling the war within their own human nature, unable to accept the reality they are not perfect.They are often fundamentalist at heart and difficult to dissuade from their beliefs, even when presented with clear factual evidence.During your journey be cognizant of this character type and keep safe boundaries.If you allow yourself to get to close you might end up being the target or movie screen on which they project.

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